Android Phone Must Have Microsoft SMS Organizer App

If you already fed up with daily spam SMS and most to the time skip important SMS due to this then Microsoft SMS Organizer App is the perfect solution for this. Microsoft’s SMS Organizer app is free, doesn’t include any in-app purchases, contains no advertising and all the data resides locally on your mobile device.

When you will install it, this app will ask you to arrange the SMS of the device and basic on app intelligence, it will move SMS to a particular folder i.e. Personal, Transactional & Promotional. Apart from this, you can do lot of things with this app i.e.

Create SMS Backup into Google Drive

You can perform auto or manual SMS backup into Google drive which can restore later in the same and new device.

Auto Reminders

If any SMS has the text “due date” in the SMS then it will remind you before the due date. You will be reminded of upcoming travel, movies and bill payments using information in the SMS through timely reminders and notifications with action buttons like pay bills, book cab etc. You can also create a custom reminder to help you remember important items.

OTP Deduction

When you receive an OTP on your mobile, SMS organizer gives you an option to copy the OTP which you can paste at the desired location, you don’t need to remember the OTP.

Auto Message Shorting

Your Inbox is cleaned by categorizing your SMS into Personal, Transactional and Promotional categories helping you focus on the messages most important to you.

Move Message

You can move the SMS to the desired folder location, it can be one by one or long press on particular SMS then select desired SMS and press move option which will appear at the top.

Block Message

You can block spam senders and mark senders as promotional. Further, you can control the level of notifications depending on SMS type.

Set different rules for different folders

You can set the different rules for the different folder, for example, delete SMS after 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, never. OTP messages required for very short period i.e. 15 minutes or 30 minutes so we can select the second option for OTP message that is 1 week. The app will delete these messages automatically after 1 week.

Send Free SMS

You can send SMS Via SMS organizer app up to 30 text messages for free every month to any mobile number in India. These messages are sent via the Internet so even if you do not have cellular connectivity, the texts would still go out.

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